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Let UN Cloud IT Integrate Zoho CRM with QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Save Big while Increasing your Sales!

It eliminates dozens, if not, hundreds of man hours per month, depending on your size and volume.

Remove Deal Closure Delays.

Zoho offers Zoho Books as an alternative to QuickBooks Online, which is already fully integrated with all the Zoho apps.

But sometimes it is necessary to integrate Zoho CRM to QBO because of your Existing Expertise, Accounting, Payroll, Quoting, Invoicing Processes or other reasons.

Or you require Zoho CRM to be integrated to QBO because you are only using Zoho CRM and no other Zoho applications.

Whatever your reason....we have you covered.

Our expertise in Zoho CRM combined with Business Process Analysis (BPA) allows us to identify your required data flow from Zoho CRM to QBO.

Analyze CRM Fields

Analyze QBO Fields

Analyze Logic

QBO Fileds Zoho CRM Fields Logic & Constraints 
 Display Name
 Account Name
 If exist, Skip, else create
Company Name
Account Name
 Create under Parent
 Project Name
 Deal Name
 Create Sub Account - Project
 Billing Street Address
 Billing Address
 Can't be blank
 Shipping Street Address
 Shipping Address
 Can be blank
 ********** *********** ************
 Quote product Name
 Product Name
 Can't be blank
 And so on...
 And so on...
 And so on...

Then, we build the flows in Zoho

Zoho Flow Integration image

And finally, we test, test and re-test using actual test transactions.

It's very detailed work which must be perfect!

The devil is in the details as they say.

Our Setup and Support Services - provided remotely or onsite as required..

We're Zoho Experts
We Know Best Practices
We Have Proven Methods
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