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UN Cloud IT - Rate Structure

We keep it simple and flexible by allowing you to buy blocks of time.

Simply choose a block that meets your needs and budget.

Ask us about our Monthly Managed Service plans
with UN-Metered hours!

Remote Blocks of Time

Block Size Total % OffBest For 
 1 Hour Free
FreeFree 1 Hour Free Demo / Needs Discussion
4 Hour Block
 $660.00 0% Quick Support / How To's / System Review
8 Hour Block  $1,254.005 % Coaching / Basic Setup/ Training / Process Analysis
40 Hour Block  $5,610.00 15% Custom Setup, Workflow, Reports, Support & Best Practices (Full Implementation)

* Specialty Rates may apply. ** Software Subscriptions extra - See Terms and Conditions below

The larger the block of time, the larger the discount!

Purchase a block of time and use it for initial set, support, training, customizations, reporting...for whenever you need.

A block of time never runs out. It can be used today or next year.

When a block of time is used/completed, an activity report will be provided annotating the time and activities spent. You can then simply buy another block of time. (Daily, Weekly or Monthly activity reports delivered as requested)

To get started, simply request a block of time, then we send an invoice for the block of time. Once payment is made via PayPal or Major Credit Card, we call to begin the initial steps and request the required information/resources/schedules we need to begin.

Privacy, NDA & Confidentiality

UN Cloud IT may require access to your sensitive company data, including emails, customer data, financial data and proprietary / competitive knowledge. UN Cloud IT will not use, disclose, sell or provide 3rd party access to any information with out prior written consent from your company.

Let's chat about your needs and how we can add value.

UN Cloud IT guarantees our work. If you're not happy with our work upon delivery of our activity report, just submit an email with the issues/activities you are unhappy with, and allow us to investigate/rectify or make you whole, and or provide additional complimentary hours.

Onsite Rates

Onsite Weekday - $1,440.00 for a 8 hour day.
Onsite Weekend - $1,520.00 for an 8 hour day.
Onsite Holiday    - $1,600.00 for an 8 hour day. 

Plus travel expenses (Pre-approved - reasonable & customary market rates apply for Airfare, Lodging, Meals, Auto Rentals/Public Transportation, Tolls, Ferries & Gratuities) Mileage is billed as per the IRS current year guidelines. 

Mileage expenses (excluding applicable tolls/ferries) for local engagements within 50 miles are waived.

We Guarantee Our Work

Terms and Conditions

UN Cloud IT is a River Technologies, Inc. Marketing Division and all payments are made to River Technologies, Inc.

Pre-Purchased blocks of time are Non Refundable and valid until used. 

A block of time is not a "fixed price" guarantee of any project completion.

If a scope of work is submitted by the customer, UN Cloud IT, will submit our "Best effort" estimate of hours required to complete said tasks, followed by our activity report detailing how the time was spent.

If a fixed price is required, UN Cloud IT may bill an hourly rate, for discovery and analysis to derive the formal "Statement of Work" required for the fixed cost proposal and price. 

UN Cloud IT reserves the right to change our rate structure without notice based upon business/market costs.

*Pre-Approved Specialty or 3rd party rates for custom coding, API's, HTML, CSS, Java Scripting, Database programming, Data Migration, Graphic Art, Web Content Writing, Marketing, SEO/SEM may apply depending on the scope of work defined, requested or required.

**Does not include software license/subscription costs. These are priced and billed separately. With web based subscriptions "Cloud based" software, the subscriptions are managed by the customer directly with the software provider using their own credit card. UN Cloud IT will provide pricing and needs analysis for the customer to help keep software costs to a minimum. The Terms and Conditions, billing and invoicing of the software provider are directly between the customer and the software provider.  All performance and data security elements are solely between your company and the software provider.  UN Cloud IT will not be held accountable or responsible for the performance, security or terms and conditions provided by the software provider.

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