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The Zoho Guys!

A little about us and what we do for our customers.

UN Cloud IT is a River Technologies, Inc. marketing division focused on helping businesses use Zoho hosted "Cloud" business applications to Start, Run and Grow their business.

Our mission:

  • Enable business owners to focus on marketing, sales, operations and growth by eliminating technical barriers.

  • Remove expensive software and hardware start up costs associated with traditional models.

  • Deliver the best of class solutions with self evident user interfaces with the lowest cost and easiest setup.

  • Remove or automate redundant activities to make businesses more efficient.

  • Stay current on new solutions and integrations that create a competitive advantage for our customers.

We become part of your team.

To accomplish our mission, we have to become intimate with you, your team and your business.

It is not enough just to be technical or business process experts in a particular solution set. We have to understand your vision, objectives and goals as well as your constraints. It is only then when we can help you determine which solutions fit best to meet your goals.

Personalities, end user experiences and change management play a big role with any new technology or business process change. Understanding how you and your team think and learn is vital to the success of your business growth. Becoming part of your team allows us to help you choose and adapt the right technology, best practices and new processes to the way you and your team work best.

Time, cost and budget are constraints we all have to deal with. Matching revenue with expenses is the key. As part of your team, we have better insight to your business and constraints. We help remove these by breaking down large projects into simple steps and phases that allow you to align revenue with expenses.
Evelyn Ramos - Client Services
Ramon Puello - Project Manager
Chris Pitino - Marketing

We do the complex stuff so you can simply focus on your business.

Thus the name...UN Cloud IT

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