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By: Rick - UN Cloud IT | October 15, 2017

Blueprint now available on the Zoho CRM Mobile app

You can now execute a Blueprint from the Zoho CRM App for iOS and Android. Simply go to the Detail View of a record within a process, tap on the Transition buttons and fill in the required information contextually to complete a process on the go.Read More

Sort records in a list view based on a desired name format

While sorting records in a list view based on names, if you prefer to have a sort pattern that is independent of the display name format, you can now set this preference under Sort Order Preferences. Besides this, you will now find a new field called Full Name under Available Columns. This is a combination of the First Name and Last Name. Read More

Now associate a Social Related List to the Accounts Module

The Social Related List has now been extended to the Accounts module. Apart from an enhanced user interface, this update will let you associate a Facebook page or a profile to the Social Related List of a lead, contact or account. What's more you can now see the updates of your leads and contacts right inside the Social Related List by visiting their Streams. You can also see a record of social conversations with them under Social Interactions. Read More

Use the Chrome Extension for ZOHO CRM in Gmail

Chrome Extension for Gmail enables you to communicate with your Zoho CRM account right inside your Gmail account. You can add new leads or contacts to your CRM Account and also add notes to your records from within your Gmail.Read More

Build templates easily with these new enhancements in the template editor

The drag and drop template editor just got even more fun with a bunch of enhancements. You can now pick background colors using HexCodes. Tables got more flexible with ability to add rows and columns wherever you need them. You can also resize a table's column width by just dragging the border of the column. Lastly, the template content limit has been increased to 200k HTML characters. Read More

Log a manual call using the new Call Popup

While logging a current call manually, you will now see a popup with a call timer to indicate the duration of the call and an option to pause or end the call. You can also enter a description while still on the call. Once you have completed this, the call is logged instantly and can be found in the Activities module. Read More

Filter records based on your customers' Campaigns responses

You can now use Advanced filters to track records based on their Campaign responses. When you filter records based on their response to your recent campaign, you will be able to approach your potential customers in a better way with a refined message based on their response.

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