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By: Rick - UN Cloud IT | April 04, 2018

Introducing Subforms

You can now add a subform to include multiple line items into the primary form(layout) of a module.Read More

Let Zia remind you

You don’t have to set up reminders manually for each activity anymore. Simply select a bunch of records and set Zia reminder. Zia will promptly send you reminders based on their respective Best time to Contact suggestions.Read More

Enhanced Zoho Desk integration

Introducing cool new features like SalesSignal notifications, customer service statistics and a lot more for your Desk integration with Zoho CRM.Read More

Introducing multi-ownership of a record

You can add up to 3 users in a record with ownership privileges. The co-owners will be able to view/edit the related list of the records based on their roles in the organization. Read More

Introducing Validation Rules in Zoho CRM

A poorly maintained set of data can cost a company in more ways than one and it's plain annoying to have to manually verify details of each record when you have more important activities to deal with. Validation rules help you overcome this problem by arresting the wrong kind of data even before it can enter CRM. Read More

Introducing Zoho CRM - Developer Edition

Check out our brand-new edition of Zoho CRM for Developers to test robust CRM implementations, Zoho CRM-centric mobile and web apps, white labelled Vertical CRMs and CRM extensions. Read More

Add records from incoming emails using Email Parser

Add new records to Zoho CRM from incoming emails automatically by extracting information from the email content. Read More

Introducing advanced Time Tracking Filters

You can now filter records in your Zoho CRM account that have been worked on or not worked on in a specified time period.Read More

Introducing Workflow Usage

Monitor the performance of your workflow rules that have the action to send email notifications associated to them. Find out which are the best performing workflow rules for every week and find ways to improve them all.

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