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By: Rick - UN Cloud IT | April 04, 2018

Introducing Subforms

You can now add a subform to include multiple line items into the primary form(layout) of a module.Read More

Let Zia remind you

You don’t have to set up reminders manually for each activity anymore. Simply select a bunch of records and set Zia reminder. Zia will promptly send you reminders based on their respective Best time to Contact suggestions.Read More

Enhanced Zoho Desk integration

Introducing cool new features like SalesSignal notifications, customer service statistics and a lot more for your Desk integration with Zoho CRM.Read More

Introducing multi-ownership of a record

You can add up to 3 users in a record with ownership privileges. The co-owners will be able to view/edit the related list of the rec...

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By: Rick - UN Cloud IT | October 15, 2017

Blueprint now available on the Zoho CRM Mobile app

You can now execute a Blueprint from the Zoho CRM App for iOS and Android. Simply go to the Detail View of a record within a process, tap on the Transition buttons and fill in the required information contextually to complete a process on the go.Read More

Sort records in a list view based on a desired name format

While sorting records in a list view based on names, if you prefer to have a sort pattern that is independent of the display name format, you can now set this preference under Sort Order Preferences. Besides this, you will now find a new field called Full Name under Available Columns. This is a combination of the First Name and Last Name. Read More

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By: Rick - UN Cloud IT | September 12, 2017

Zoho CRM has improved the importing capabilities.

By: Rick - UN Cloud IT | September 14, 2014

Did you know that Zoho Sites has a Blogging capabilities?

Zoho Sites has a blogging function that you can use to create, post and socially publish your thoughts and opinions on.

It is very simple to use, but very powerful.

Publishing blog posts helps improve your business visibility as well as gain followers and their comments and feedback.

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