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You have a focused vision and very unique goals for your business.

Zoho has 10,000,000+ users - with a broad vision and global goals.

UN Cloud IT is focused on executing your vision using Zoho.

Your expertise is in your unique product or service for your target audience.

Zoho's expertise is in quality software development for a global audience.

UN Cloud IT's expertise is leveraging your expertise using Zoho.

You speak in time, revenue, cost, satisfaction, and win or lose units.

Zoho speaks in PHP, HTML, Java, Deluge Scripting, AJAX Code...etc.

UN Cloud IT translates business and technical into real solutions.

You're looking for custom solutions that solve very specific problems.

Zoho's is looking from a high level global perspective.

UN Cloud IT is focused on the details of your problems.

You need someone who can listen, understand and provide answers fast.

Zoho's listens to millions of users...and can't remember Your Specific needs.

UN Cloud IT listens, understands and delivers Zoho your way.

Oh yeah...You still have a business to run!

And Zoho has 9,999,999+ other customers to help!

UN Cloud IT's business IS you.

UN Cloud IT Provides the Proper Balance

UN Cloud IT Balances The Equation

We Get Personal while Saving You Time and Money

The Hines Story (Modified)
“Zoho Partner Value”

Mr. Hines, the owner of the Hines Lumber Company, had to cut costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue for his company.  Mr. Hines was considering a software solution to help with these needs.

He was thinking of working solely with the Software company or finding a Consultant to help him with his software needs.  Working directly with the Software company may reduce costs and eliminate a 3rd party.

Both options were thoroughly considered and he chose to hire a Consultant even though it seemed to add more costs compared to just using the Software company.

Upon learning of his decision, the Finance Manager asked Mr. Hines why he chose to hire the Consultant and not just work directly with the Software company.

Instead of answering him, Mr. Hines asked the The Software company, in front of the Finance Manager, if any lumber had come in that day.  The Software company said they would check and a few minutes later reported that a carload had arrived that morning.  

Mr. Hines then wanted to know the type of lumber.  After again checking, the Software company told him it was number 6 pine.  

Mr. Hines then asked the Software company how many board feet were in the order.  Again leaving the room to check, they returned shortly with the answer of 3500 board feet.  

This type of questioning went on for several minutes and then Mr. Hines finally asked the Software company if their software could help him automate and speed up the access to this type of information and also provide daily, weekly and monthly reports.
The Software company replied yes….if you purchase products 1, 2, 4 and 7.  And we will install it for you and train your employees how to use it.  We can have it ready in about two weeks.

Mr. Hines thanked the Software Company and said he would get back to them.

Mr. Hines then asked the Finance Manager to call in the Consultant.

Mr. Hines asked Consultant if any lumber had arrived that day.
The Consultant said he would check and in a few minutes he returned with the following answer:  

  • A carload of number 6 pine had come in on track three at 9:30 A.M. and totaled 3500 board feet.
  • The lumber was unloaded by 2:00 P.M. and stored in warehouse number 18.  
  • It was order number 65-03 for the Williams Company and its total value was $16,352.00  
  • And the Consultant handed Mr. Hines a report with all the information he asked for.
  • Then asked if Mr. Hines needed to notify employees or customers regarding this report.

Mr. Hines Asked the Consultant how he was able to get the information and report so quickly.

The Consultant replied, I used the Software Company’s software.
We have another client using the software in a similar business model and we simply modified a few fields from product 2 and it does everything you need. If there is anything you would like added or further customized...We can work with the Software company for you while you manage the daily operations. Otherwise I just need your final review and confirmation and we can implement and begin training the staff today.

Mr. Hines thanked the Consultant and said he could go.

After the Consultant left, Mr. Hines turned to his Finance Manager who had witnessed the the events.  

The Finance Manager thought for a while, scribbled on his pad and then finally reported what the Consultant just saved, created or improved for Mr. Hines and his company:

  • Thousands in software license costs
  • 80 hours in implementation fees
  • 10 hours per week of Admin overhead
  • 40 hours in employee training salary
  • 10 hours a week in gained efficiency per employee
  • 5 hours per employees per week in overtime
  • Created a new profitable service they could sell to their customers
  • Created a competitive advantage over their competitors
  • Improved company image and moral
  • Negated the Software and Consultant costs with the new profits and improved efficiencies 

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